DBDCB - an alternative for In-Can Preservation in Europe

With the publication of the 15th ATP, only a limited choice of biocide formulations remains available in Europe, that do not trigger the H317 label on the end product. DBDCB-based products are a good alternative for the preservation of various in-can products.

Advantages of DBDCB

  • No H317 limit up to 1% in end product
  • Long-term efficacy
  • Strong against microorganisms in particular Pseudomonas and Fusarium
  • Good chemical compatibility*

* Except for nucleophiles such as sulphurous compounds (hydrogensulphite, mercaptane, etc.) or primary amines

DBDCB formulations can serve as perfect alternative in your preservation system

DBDCB is a good combination partner. It is available in several formulations that are available in Europe. Preventol® DBC is an efficient alternative for BIT based products. Furthermore, we also offer a CMIT/MIT free option and one formulation that is completely free of isothiazolinones.

Pick the option you need and contact us for a trial.